New York State legalizes MMA

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ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — The light heavyweight Liam McGeary, an English expatriate who lives in Brooklyn and fights for Bellator, isn’t the only mixed martial arts champion most New Yorkers have never heard of. But they may soon. The more famous MMA promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship lobbied hard for years to convince state politicians to…

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Watch the First Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer — Entertainment – TIME

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The first trailer for the next Star Wars movie is out and it gives the franchise a whole new look. The film is the first spin off of the franchise and does not to fit in neat chronological succession. The film apparently takes places before Episode IV—the first Star Wars film ever released—and follows a…

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Creative Writing Contests


1000 WORDS or LESS wishes to give writers the opportunity to showcase their creative skill in the shorter story genre.

Up to 50 entries will be selected for printed and e-book publication to capture the creativity,

inspiration, ideas and thoughts of a diverse range of writers and provide a permanent published record of contemporary,

past or futuristic ideas or themes.  The entrant may choose any subject, theme, idea or inspiration.

The entry must be fictitious and not exceed 1,000 words.

The competition is open to writers in Australia and overseas.

First prize is $1,000 AUD.

There are additional cash prizes of $100 AUD for up to 5 other entries.

Entry fee is $15 AUD.

Competition closes 31 January 2016 AEST.

Please contact for entry details.

More information is available from http://www.1000words-or-less.

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Paramount Is Making ‘Transformers 5’ And An Animated ‘Transformers’ Prequel

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You can thank international audiences for making this happen.

Source: Paramount Is Making ‘Transformers 5’ And An Animated ‘Transformers’ Prequel

The ‘Breaking Bad’ Trunk-Mounted Machine Gun Gets The ‘MythBusters’ Treatment

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Discovery aired a Breaking Bad-themed episode of MythBustersearlier this summer, so you may have already seen the clip above, but they didn’t upload the video to YouTube until now. Far be it from us to resist any video involving both Breaking Bad and remote-controlled machine guns. Yes, they tested the plausibility of killing a roomful of white supremacists using an M60 machine gun hooked to a garage door opener and concealed in the trunk of a car. Spoiler Alert: It’s is based on this scene from the Breaking Bad series finale. Double Spoiler Alert: That shouldn’t have been a spoiler.

To create the trunk-concealed killing machine, Adam Savage mounted an M60 machine gun to standard shallow conduit attached to the swiveling base of an office chair, then connected the gun to box end wrenches pivoting off a garage door opener. He did make one basic improvement to…

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Why McNulty And Bunk’s Relationship Was Vital To The Success Of ‘The Wire’

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To call Jimmy McNulty and Bunk two sides of the same coin would not be very accurate. They’re more like a Venn Diagram. They’re both good cops, they both work their cases, and they both care about what’s happening to their city. While the off-again/on-again partners share all these traits, where they differ is what defines their relationship. A relationship that was crucial to their professional successes, their personal failings, and the triumph that was, The Wire (which you can stream in full on HBO NOW).

The fundamental difference is that Bunk is able to understand the chain of command, and, more importantly, how to follow it. McNulty, on the other hand, lets his passion get the better of him, and while he’s aware of the chain of command, he seems incapable of following it. Basically, Jimmy’s “good police,” but also a back-burning loose cannon who Bunk regularly scolds…

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Jeffrey David Kirby found guilty in death of TapouT’s Charles “Mask” Lewis

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An Orange County, Calif. jury today convicted a man involved in a 2009 car crash that killed TapouT co-founder Charles “Mask” Lewis.

Jeffrey David Kirby, 53, faces a maximum of 13 years in prison on one felony count of vehicular manslaughter by unlawful act with gross negligence while intoxicated. He faced sentencing enhancements for causing great bodily injury.

That’s according to a release issued today by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Kirby’s sentencing takes place Feb. 4 at the Central Justice Center in Santa Ana, Calif.

The releases states Kirby was speeding his 1977 Porsche alongside Lewis’ 2004 Ferrari in the wee hours of March 11, 2009, when he lost control of his car and hit Lewis. Lewis’ car crashed into a cement light pole and was torn in half.

Kirby briefly stopped his car but then fled the scene. A Newport Beach Police officer witnessed the crash and…

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