Consequence of Sound

In 2002, Curtis Hanson lensed a film that wasn’t exactly about Eminem. Well, at any rate, it wasn’t about an Eminem his millions of fans had known prior. In his lyrics, Em had written with vitriol about his parents and his daughter’s mother, usually exaggerated for comic effect. On the other hand, there isn’t a ton of humor in 8Mile, even though each of those real-life people inspires the movie on one level or another. That’s a major discrepancy if you want to call this an “Eminem movie,” a term Marshall Mathers himself didn’t care for. As he would spit 11 years later, he’s not a rapper, he’s an adapter. Here, in his only lead movie role, he adjusted his popular persona (mocking, nihilistic, and drug-addled) to fit the role of an equally complex character. How do both relate to his image in 2014, as he prepares to headline…

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