Not getting too acrobatic or anything, but they were having fun

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The clay courts at Roland Garros have played host to plenty of intense competitions over the years – but nothing quite like this.

Tennis pros Gaël Monfils and Laurent Lokoli faced off against each other on the famous court this past weekend as part of the French Open’s annual Children’s Day.

There’s just one catch: they weren’t actually playing tennis.

Instead, the two men opted for a much older and more solemn form of competition: the dance-off.

Accompanied by the tunes of French DJ Bob Sinclair, Monfils and Lokoli busted out some 80’s-style break-dance moves that had the crowd cheering despite the rain.

As John McEnroe once said, “You have GOT to be kidding me!”

No word yet on whether the dance-off will become part of the official festivities at the French Open, but according to rumours Milos Raonic can rock a mean version of “The Worm”.

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