If you missed Wednesday’s new episode of “The Ultimate Fighter 19,” you missed one of the more confusing fights in the reality series’ history. And according to UFC President Dana White, it likely prompted change at the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

In episode No. 6 of “TUF 19,” Roger Zapata defeated Ian Stephens in an opening-round matchup – despite earning a point deduction in the tiebreaker round (and ultimately benefitting from the commission’s decision to pick an overall winner when the fight technically ended in a majority draw).

“I think this was the explosion of what’s going on and has been going on here in Nevada for a few years now,” White said on Wednesday’s edition of “UFC Tonight.” “I think this was the moment where the right people recognized what was going on and that some changes needed to be made.”

The biggest change, of course, was longtime NASC…

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