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HALIFAX — A local start-up company is attracting international attention, as it gets set to launch a product that revolutionizes the way video cameras stay in focus.

Cinema Control Laboratories Ltd. launched Andra last month at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas.

The Andra system attaches to a film or television camera. Using sensors, it adjusts the focus automatically, keeping the subject crisp and in focus no matter where it moves in the shot.

“Everybody has a stills camera,” said Sam Fisher, co-creator of Andra Motion Focus.

“They know they can take a picture with a stills camera with autofocus. What they don’t quite understand is that, with a moving subject, that problem is still not solved.”

Not solved, but Andra comes close.

It uses a receiver box on the camera and a wireless emitter near the scene being shot. A sensor placed on the actor picks…

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