mac-danzig-10.jpg We lost another one, old-timers. [autotag]Mac Danzig[/autotag] – that passionate protector of hummus and ponderer of hummingbirds, that photo-snapping, deep-thinking warrior poet who made it very clear that space on the seat of his fight shorts wasn’t some mini-billboard you could rent cheap – has called it quits .

We could have seen this one coming. Maybe we should have, even way back when.

Remember this moment from his time on season six of “The Ultimate Fighter,” back when all his housemates were complaining that he was too “grumpy”?

“Being as bored as I am, I decided to order a birdfeeder, see if I can get some hummingbirds to come,” Danzig said. “It’ll be cool. I can just sit out there by the pool, watch the hummingbirds, and relax. I don’t know what the problem is, I think all the frustrations have made me more negative than I already am…

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