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TORONTO — Millions of people were familiar with “Let It Go” from the Frozen soundtrack before it was performed at the Oscars by Idina Menzel — after all, the song is featured in a movie that has grossed $1 billion worldwide.

But millions more heard it for the first time on Sunday, when it won the Academy Award for Original Song.

The song — not to be confused with the ’80s hit of the same name by Canadian singer Luba — has been recorded many times. Whether it’s by a teenage boy alone in his room, a pair of young girls or a guy playing a ukulele, there is probably a version for every taste.

Here is Menzel’s original version from Frozen followed by 10 cover versions and parodies that have popped up this season online:

“Let It Go” performed by Idina Menzel in the movie Frozen

“Let It Go”…

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