nate-quarry-ufc-fight-night-21 Retired middleweight and onetime UFC title challenger [autotag]Nate Quarry[/autotag] remembers an unpleasant conversation he had several years ago with UFC President Dana White about a patch on his shorts. It followed one of many notices he received about the clothing he wore on his walk to the cage.

“This was back when Dana called fighters themselves to talk to them about sponsorships,” Quarry told MMAjunkie in a recent interview. “He called and said, ‘You can’t have SportFight. That’s a competing MMA organization.’

“I said, ‘Dana, it’s not. It’s just a small show here in Portland, (Ore.). It’s not televised; it’s never going to be competition with you. If it is, then I can definitely drop them. Don’t you think every bit of exposure for the UFC and the smaller shows is gong to build your own brand awareness and sell more pay-per-views?’

“His response was, ‘You’d think I’d think that…

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