CBS Los Angeles

By Danny Cox

As the Carolina Panthers prepare to welcome their opponent into Bank of America Stadium, they are looking at everything they possibly can to be ready. 

The Panthers want to be the team that brings fear to the eyes and hearts of whomever steps on the field against them.

One of the things they’ll be doing is breaking out a uniform that is very popular, but also very rarely used. The black-on-black uniform has been used just once in each of the last two regular seasons, but the Panthers will wear it for the NFC Divisional Playoff on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014.

“It’s sweet,” defensive end Charles Johnson said. “Anytime we wear the all-black, it’s all good.”

For the first nine playoff games in franchise history, the Panthers wore white jerseys and white pants. Those uniforms brought about six victories. Their most recent playoff game in 2008 saw…

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