THis is what hitting a Moose looks like

Global News

EDMONTON – An Alberta driver crashed into an adult moose and was left with only minor injuries. Now, Manning RCMP are sharing his incredible story.

On Tuesday, Dec. 17, Kevin McFadgen was driving south on Highway 35, to work in Peace River from his home in North Star, which is about 90 km north of Peace River.

At about 6 a.m., 20 km south of Manning, a semi-trailer heading north passed his vehicle and caused whiteout conditions.

RCMP say McFadgen slowed down, but, at the last minute, saw a moose in his lane.

“I was just driving, going to work, and it was a snow storm,” McFadgen told Global News. “I passed a semi-truck, and couldn’t see a thing, and next thing you know there was a moose on the hood.”

Officers say it was too late for McFadgen to avoid the crash, so he ducked down below the dash in…

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