James Rayneau

2013! Even the name sounds unlucky. It’s personally been my nadir year. Depressed, drunk, dumped, broke, unemployed and diagnosed. Thank the maker for film and television, eh?
It’s been a year since I started this little blog of mine. I know, right? A whole year. It seems like yesterday that I was writing disjointed blogs about the fire station in my home town burning to the ground. This was, originally, going to be my online diary, which was a ridiculous idea. That ridiculous idea evolved into a platform for promoting my book, which I quickly learned was ridiculous to the point of lunacy. But I seem to have found my niche now: writing incoherent, philosophical articles on whatever hits me as apt and silly reviews.
But today I’m drawing something of a blank, so it seems fitting to do what every writer does when they run out of ideas in…

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