ultimate-women-challenge-cast.jpgMichelle Ould knew right away that she’d made a mistake.

This was the summer of 2010, the first day of filming for the new reality TV show known as the “Ultimate Women Challenge.”

Like a lot her peers in the world of women’s MMA, Ould had been hearing rumors about the show for months. She’d heard how it would pit the competitors against each other for a $50,000 grand prize, how it would air on NBC and make everyone involved into household names. She didn’t quite believe it at first.

“I’d heard of it but didn’t pay too much attention,” Ould told ( “But when I heard Kaitlin [Young] and a couple other girls I respected were going to be on it, I thought, sure. Maybe this will work.”

It was the same for Julie Kedzie, who by that time had more than 20 professional fights to her…

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